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Sox win!
Josh and Billy at Game 5 ALCS!

Tuesday March 17th, 2009 04:51 AM
Europe Trip 2009 - Days 1-4  by -- GinG and Billy
The recently cleaned Duomo in Milan
We visited a castle in the middle of Milan that we didn't see last time we were here
And hung out with the New Mommy
We stayed with Alex's parents (Pietro, thanks for helping us find our way back to Via Solferino!)
Then we made our way to Saas-Fee a lovely little town in the Alps and took a cable car up to get a good view of all the peaks surrounding us (that's Billy all the way off in the distance).
And then took a car-train to Zurich. You just drive your car onto the train and then stay in the car through a 25 mile tunnel through the mountain instead of having to drive over the pass...how awesome is that!?!?
In Zurich, we hung out with Georgia, Pete, and Niamh and had cheese fondue for dinner and then bougnigne fondue (meats in oil) fondue for lunch the next day! Fondue is so yummy!
We've now made our way to Stuttgart where we're hanging out with Maureen and Markus. For dinner, we had a huge shared plate of Swabian food (southern German) that included Maultaschen, something like german mac & cheese, sausages, and steak.
Monday June 09th, 2008 01:12 AM
Bears and dogs  by -- GinG and Billy
Thanx, Dan for reminding us to update our blog! Totally forgot about it, heh.

Lots has happened since my last blog! It's been awhile since Billy's blogged too, but he's the one behind the scenes making all the photos look nice on these posts! Let's see, I went to Germany and then Abu Dhabi for work.

I came home to see that Billy had done a fantastic job tending to my gardens!

One weekend, I came home to LA for our 10-year Mudd reunion which was a blast . We played Beer Ball, went for a Donutman run, went hiking, saw old friends, had a poker tournament, .... it was much more fun than I'd ever expected it would be!

For Memorial Day Weekend, a bunch of us got a vacation rental at Sequoia National Park. We really wined and dined and Keystoned it up. We had some real cooks there. We had tri-tip, gnocchi from scratch, lasagna, and every morning, we'd wake up to the smell of bacon before setting out on hikes and day adventures.

I seem to be getting a reputation for leading "Death Marches" now. I still don't own up to it, but you can't hide from your reputation. Well, it happens that it was snowing and hailing in Sequoia on this trip and we went off on this little side trail, so now I'm being made fun of leading "Freezing to Death Marches." **sigh** The upside of that hike was that we got to see a BEAR!!!! From far away, thank goodness.

Billy, Matt, Michelle, and I went on an overnight hike one night also. We camped amongst big tall trees and bears. One of the more difficult hikes we've done since it was pretty much uphill all the way with very few flat portions. Poor Billy carried most of my stuff too cuz he forgot to bring my overnight backpack. I carried the carbon fiber bear canister part on the way down.

This weekend, we went on a nice hike in our backyard, in Briones Regional Park, with Josh, Carolyn, and the still so ever energetic Higgins. I LOVE the long days! We hiked till 8:30pm!

I'm off to Asia this week! More photos to come!
Monday March 31st, 2008 10:03 AM
Hiking and more hiking  by -- GinG
Mt. Diablo - Second unsuccessful attempt to get to Eagle's peak

So we are taking advantage of the California weather and hiking every opportunity that we get. This first photo is of us on Mt. Diablo a couple weekends ago. We were so eager to get out that we took off from work early on a Friday to catch the last rays of sunshine. It was a great way to start the weekend.

Lake Kent - Wildflower season

This next photo is with our friend Alex, visiting from Spain and Higgins, the O'Connor's 9 month old puppy that we're sitting! We went on a 4 hour hike around Lake Kent up in the Marin Watershed this weekend.

Monday March 03rd, 2008 01:17 AM
Visiting Friends and Family  by -- GinG =P
Over the last few weeks, we've had lots of visitors and been doing our share of visiting too! Below are some photos of good times!

Auntie Rosa and Uncle Kit were in town so we got together with Uncle Chuck, Auntie Denise and Lil' Uncle and Auntie for Dim Sum.

We went to San Diego for Kaipo's Birthday.

Then Josh and Tweeny came to visit and we went up to Napa with Juniper and family.

And then Dan came down later that weekend and Josh introduced us to the fun sport of orienteering with Jason and Angus!

Monday March 03rd, 2008 12:54 AM
A Scientific Experiment  by -- Sharon and GinG
So at work, one of my current projects is on looking at Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) collected from people getting pulled over. The legal limit in all states is now 0.08...but what is 0.08 really? I'm sure you're not all of a sudden unable to drive anymore at 0.08? It used to be 0.10 in most states. Can one even tell the difference between 0.08 and 0.10? On Tyra Bank's talk show, she got a bunch of people to go out partying as they usually would and then take a BAC test before driving home. This was a younger crowd and they were all surprised when most of them tested OVER THE LIMIT and would have driven home under normal circumstances.

So we set out do our own little experiment when Sharon and Gerry were in town.

Hypothesis: People can’t tell when they’ve reached the legal BAC level of 0.08 for driving because they don’t know what that feels like.

Methodology: We bought a Breathalyzer at Brookstone (it only went up to 0.12) then we went to a nice brewery for dinner. After each drink, we would say whether or not we would be able to drive and would take two to three sample tests and see where everyone was at. Sharon took data …. we were all subjects. By the end of the night, Gerry had had ~8 drinks, Billy ~6, Ging ~3, and Sharon

- No one would have even considered driving over the limit. Ging Ging and Sharon both thought they would not drive at 0.02!!
- The breathalyzer results are significantly higher if you don’t eat anything between a sip of alcohol and taking the test. So always eat a bite of something before walking out of a bar to drive home! The correct one is the one after you eat.
- Billy and Gerry could easily drink 3 beers an hour and still stay under the legal limit. Something Ging and Sharon had not believed until proven that night.

- We think all 21 year olds should take this test so they know what 0.08 feels like. A number means nothing to anyone. It’s everyone’s guess as to whether or not they can drive home.
- Billy and Gerry aren’t lying when they think they can drive home after having a few beers.
- Ging and Sharon agree with the NHTSA study that even at 0.02 BAC, for some people, motor skills can be impaired enough that they shouldn’t be driving.
- Further tests should be conducted to determine 1) at what rate Billy and Gerry can drink at to stay under the legal limit and 2) what is necessary to get Ging and Sharon’s BAC above 0.
More ....